Small Dog Harness: How to Pick the Right Type for Your Pet

A small dog harness is ideal for the cute and cuddly breed of dogs like Maltese, mini pincher, Boston terrier, pugs, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, mini-schnauzer and Shi-tzu. Taking them out for a walk is a good way to exercise their limbs and a good way to spend time and bond with their owners. For these types of dogs, most veterinarians advise the use of a harness for the pet’s easy movement and convenience.

The Safeness Of Small Dog Harness

Although those trendy dog bandanas make them look more cute and wonderful, a harness keeps them secured and safe when they are taken outdoors. Choosing the right type, exact fit, length, purpose, physical and medical conditions are the factors to consider when purchasing a small dog harness.

Soft Mesh Small Dog Harness Vest

Buying checklist

  • Identification

Knowing the right material and the needs of your dog and matching accessories will benefit your pet. First, it has the same function as a dog collar do but in terms of appearance it packs a lot of difference. It is designed for a variety of purpose. In totality it consists of a collar, a loop that wraps around the dog’s body and secure connecting straps. It is presented in a variety of styles and materials. The whole set-up includes the attached rings, a leash, buckles and handles.

An extra small dog harness comes with thick pads on the trachea area for the dog’s full comfort and ease of walking. The latest designs comes with stud, accents, attractive and colorful designs with matching patterns, mix and match color combinations and even personalized ones to reflect the owner’s sense of style in trends and fashion.

Best Dog Harness For Small Dogs

  • Purpose and convenience

A small dog harness lessens the risk of having neck injury to your pet. It also protects the throat which is the most sensitive part of their body. Having a perfectly fitted harness also eliminates too much pulling and provides a better grip and control each time they are out for a walk. Because it is securely attached and connected by the straps, the chance of the dog slipping from their hand is absolutely impossible.

Some handles and straps come covered with thick pads or with the functional small dog harness vest to provide comfort for the dog and the pet owner. A good dog harness for small dogs must not only make the little pet secure and safe but must also be convenient for the handler to manage and control.


  • Special materials

Picking the right material that will not put the dog’s health in danger of chaffing and allergic reactions must also be taken into full consideration. Since most of them are easy to fit and slip over their heads, the type of material used must also be tested on them when purchasing. A small dog harness is secured by buckles or rings that can be made of either metal or plastic and goes all the way from their belly up to their chest and to their front legs.

Extra Small Pink Zebra Stripes Dog Harness

Final tips

Always check your dog for any signs of rashes, chaffing, or bruise. If there are irritations or any unusual changes that happen each time they use the harness, it is a sign that the material and make is not fit for them. Choose a breathable, durable and washable material especially on their chest area and avoid the too bulky or thick (leather types) for their own convenience. Make sure the harness that you buy comes with a warranty for easy replacement of the item in case the dog is not comfortable on using it.

Being extremely careful when choosing the harness will definitely go a long way in ensuring your dog’s safety and comfort at all times. With these tips, you should now be able to choose the right harness that will perfectly fit your adorable pet.

Dog Shirts: Important Things That Pet Owners Should Know

Dressing up your dog is quite fun since there is a lot of dog shirts available in the market today. You can either buy them in online stores or in any of your favorite pet shops near you. The shirts for your dogs are available in different sizes and styles that will surely fit perfectly for your beloved pets.

Cute Dog Shirts
Why Are Dog Shirts Necessary for Your Pets?

  • Dog shirts will keep your pets warm during the cold season. During the winter or rainy season, your pets need warmth as well same as you do. While outside, rain jackets will keep your pets dry and warm. At night, you can provide a sleepwear for your pet while during the day t-shirts and sweaters are the best outfit to provide warmth.
  • Dog shirts will protect your dog while you enjoy your activities at night. If your pet is highly active at night, tendency is you spend a few hours playing or just walking around at the park or streets in your neighborhood. A reflective orange sportswear or T-shirt will let drivers spot you and your pet, keeping you safe while you enjoy your playtime at a time.
  • It makes your dog fashionable. There are personalized dog shorts that will surely keep your pet in style. Of course, you have to ensure that you provide a T-shirt that goes with the shape of your pet’s body to ensure safety.

Zazzle Custom Dog Shirts
What Are the Different Types Shirts that Your Dogs Can Wear?


  • Polo Shirt

This kind of shirt has a matching collar and buttons just like the common polo shirt that you wear. You can choose a polo shirt that has the same color as you have for fun.

  • Dog T-dress

This resembles a dress more than a T-shirt, which is perfect for your female pets. However, the material used is the same as your dog T-shirts.

  • Sailor Tee

 Yes, that’s right. This type of shirt is the same as the ones worn by the people in the navy or sailors. The shirt is available in different colors and prints that have a sailor collar.

  • Hoodie

This is the best shirt if you and your dog love outdoor activities. It does not only protect your pet from the natural outdoor elements but it provides a high sense of fashion as well.

Cool Personalized Dog Shirts

  • T-shirt with print or Custom Dog Shirts

Custom dog shirts are types of shirts are perfect for dog owners and their dogs with a high regard in fashion. These shirts can be mix and match as well; you can also choose the ones that have embroidery on it.

Dog Accessories

Dog accessories are a great addition to make your pets, stylish and fashionable while you go outdoors. Dog bandanas are one of these aside from the dog collars that are available in the market today and you can make your own as well to save up for some cash. You can either buy or purchase some bandanas that will match the outfits for your dogs or choose the ones available for any occasion. A bandana is great if your pet doesn’t want to wear a T-shirt or a dress. Wearing it won’t make your pet uneasy, but comfortable instead. So, make sure that you always include a bandana every time you shop for your lovable pets.

Get The Funny Superman Dog Shirts

Dogs wearing personalized dog shirts are such a fun sight to look at, which is why taking the time to invest in their clothing means so much to them. Shopping for dog clothes is not a hard thing to do since there are a lot of pet shops and department stores that sells dog clothes. Funny dog shirts are also available so you can lighten up everyone’s mood, even your mood while seeing your dog wears one. So, what are you waiting for, shop for dog- T-shirts now.

Dog Toys

Dogs are like human babies. They can be taught different simple to complicated tricks at an early stage. When your puppy is about 2 months old, it can already listen to their master’s command and can follow simple instructions. Their little brains can be stimulated with repetition of commands and the use of other tools such as dog toys. There are varieties of dog toys available in the market. Some are made for small breeds while others are intended for large breed puppies. Depending on the breed of your dog and its size, you can choose the appropriate dog toy for your little pup.

best tough dog toys

Dogs are playful in nature. They love toys and the best thing about having toys to chew is to be able to chew them to pieces. That’s basically the nature of dogs, they love to chew anything to its destruction. Large and small breeds alike have the knack for chewing things. The danger is when you present a toy that can easily be destroyed and they may swallow little things that can pose threat to them by choking and other hazards.

Kinds of Dog Toys

Generally, dog toys are made to outlast the dog’s fearsome chewing instincts so they should be durable, strong and not easily destroyed by canine teeth. Here are some of the most common durable toys available in the market for your pet dog.

best dog toys

Indestructible dog toys

Indestructible dog toys are made to withstand the force of the jaw. They can be made from plush which a type of fabric that can be safe from dogs. These plush fabrics have been sewed with multiple squeakers so your dog will enjoy the squeaking sounds it makes while being chewed. Another durable toy is the silicone toy that floats in water. These are not easily destroyed because it is made stiff while able to float in water for dogs who love to play in the pool. Some of these silicone toys have dental cleaning capacity that cleans your dog’s teeth while they chew on it.

Interactive dog toys

Interactive dog toys are made to entertain dogs for a longer period of time. Some of these toys are also made to stimulate dog’s instincts with dog puzzles and treats boards. Interactive toys engage both the owner and dog to playtime session making their bond stronger.

best dog bandanas

Tough dog toys

Tough dog toys are similar to indestructible toys but only to a better extent. These toys are also made to survive the dog’s aggressive chewing habits. They are made to entertain dogs as well as to provide them with dental cleaning benefits. Tough toys are best for small aggressive dogs.

Spending time with your pets is like spending time with your children too. They need attention, care and nutrition. Play is equally important to these furry friends. The toys you provide them will not only mean that you care for their total well-being but it will also show them how responsible owner you are.

best indestructible dog toys

Some dog owners even dress up their pets using dog bandanas to make them appear cuddlier cute and attention grabber. This is especially true in dog fashion contests where dogs dress up to become cute superheroes like little humans.

Some owners go to the extent of giving their dogs more than just dog toys. They shower their pets with love, attention, care, nutrition; play and affection like people who treat someone they love. Some owners treat their dogs as the only family they have. Dogs repay their owner by being their guard and loyal friend until the end. So goes the saying that a dog is a man’s best friend indeed.