Buying Guide for Dog Bandanas

Home pets, such as dogs, are already considered part of any family. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people pay special attention to a dog’s every needs such as food, hygiene and grooming. When it comes to grooming, there are countless numbers of different shops that offer grooming services for their pet dogs. And most of the time, these different service shops also offer dogs and their owners different accessories that would look perfect for their adored pets such as collars, dog shirts and best of all dog bandanas.

adorable dog bandanas

Dog bandanas, like any other type of dog accessories, can be very stylish and will surely bring out the cuteness of any pet dog that wears it. These bandanas especially made for pet dogs are also made of different materials that will make sure that the dogs will always be comfortable while wearing the bandana no matter what breed of dog it may be.

Finding the Best Kind of Bandanas for Dogs

When one is on the market for bandanas for their pet dogs, there are a couple of things to consider before purchasing one to make sure that their pets will have the perfect bandanas for daily use or even for a lot of different occasions. These things are as follows:

  • Bandana Size – The bandanas for dogs that are being sold in a lot of pet shops come in different sizes and this is because of the fact that different dog breeds come in different sizes. Small sized bandanas are perfect for those small dogs such as corgis, chihuahuas, shih tzus and other similar dog sizes. Large size bandanas are good for large dog breeds such as German shepherds, great Danes, Labradors and other large size dog breeds. Small sized bandanas are often 27 inches wide while large sized bandanas are about 30 inches.


  • Dog Breed – Aside from the size of the dog breed that would wear the bandana, the breed of the dog will also be a deciding factor of what fabric the bandana will be. Dog with thick fur such as a spitz and huskies will not need that much insulation as dogs with thinner fur such as hounds, pit bulls and Labradors. How thick a dog’s fur will be important in selecting the right kind of bandana since it will help warm the pet dog during cold nights especially in winter.


  • Design – This factor is subject to the owner’s preference of what bandana design the owner will want their pet dogs to have. Luckily there are hundreds of different designs for dog collar bandanas to choose from during a visit to the pet shop or shopping online. Bandana designs vary from simple polka dot designs, holiday themed bandanas or even those which holds logos of various sports teams to batik designs.

how to make personalized dog bandanas

Simple designs for bandanas for dogs are ideal for everyday use since it will suit any breed and will keep them comfortable any time of the day. It will also blend with almost anything so styling will not really become a problem should the need to match bandanas with the owner’s outfit arise. Specialized bandanas, however, like those with fancy prints and the holiday themed ones, will perfectly suit a specific occasion such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.


Sometimes, dog owners do not get satisfied with the kinds of bandanas they see on the market and would want something that would uniquely suit their beloved pets. For this kind of problem, there are available personalized dog bandanas that can be purchased through a lot of different channels. Personalized bandanas can range from having the name of the dog printed all over the bandana to custom designs given by the owner. This type of bandana, however, will come in a slightly higher price but will surely be reasonable since it will be uniquely made for one dog. Customized bandanas for dogs are also considered top sellers among many establishments that offer the sale of these wonderful and cute bandanas for pet dogs.

Where to Buy

There are basically two ways in which dog owners can be able to purchase generic or custom dog bandanas for their dear pets: through visiting dog shops and through online. And both of these methods have their own advantage and disadvantages.

  • Local stores

Purchasing from any local store is one way of being able to purchase bandanas for their pet dogs. With this method owners can be able to peruse through different designs quickly as well as figuring out what size to buy for the dog. Another benefit of buying from the shopping store is the ability to quickly get responses in case of replacements and repair. It just requires the customer to go out and drive which can be an inconvenience to some.

  • Online merchants

Another method of purchasing these wonderful bandanas for dogs is through online. The good thing about doing this kind of transaction online is that people will just have to sort through various bandanas for their dogs without ever leaving the comfort of their homes by just clicking through images on the website. Once the transaction is complete, it will be delivered on their home on a specified amount of time. The disadvantage of this method, however, is the chance of receiving the wrong kind of bandana or a larger or smaller size. When these kinds of problems occur, the wrong product will have to be shipped back to the manufacturer and the customer will have to wait for another few days for the right item to be shipped.

assorted custom dog bandanas

Caring for the Bandanas and Other Tips

Because of the playful nature of pet dogs, the bandanas they wear are highly prone to soiling especially when the pet dogs are used to play outside. This is why having a spare bandana available during outdoor plays is ideal. Taking care of the soiled dog bandanas is just the same as taking care of any similar items such as small towels and handkerchiefs. However there are just a couple of things dog owners must not forget during washing of the bandanas for dogs.

  • Always use mild soap or detergent during washing of the bandanas as it might cause skin allergies to the pet dog which can be unpleasant and painful to the animal. If anything, consulting an expert should be necessary to figure out the best soap to use for washing the bandanas.
  • If the bandanas become stiff after washing, it would be ideal to also use a fabric conditioner to regain the softness and comfort that the bandana gives to the pet dog. One just has to make sure to use fabric conditioners that would not cause any kind of discomfort or allergy to the dog itself.
  • Just like any other material of its kind, bandanas for dogs are ideal to be hand washed only. However, if one should choose to wash them using a washing machine, consider using the lowest setting as to not destroy the fabric or cause any damage.

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Though sometimes it can be a vanity rather than a necessity, bandanas are also useful to keep dogs warm during winter and to keep them cool in the summer. This would also mean that a people value their pet so much to keep them comfortable during any kind of weather.