Buying The Best Dog Collars

Different types of collars are available in the market today, to choose from them can be a confusing because many brands consider their products as the best dog collars. You must remember that a dog’s collar usually reflects to your dog’s personality. It is not only for decoration and identification or just for hooking a leash, but a dog collar can also be considered as the best dog bark collars to prevent them from barking, protect them from tics and fleas. Here we will discuss which collar is perfect for your dog.

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Collars can be divided into two main categories Regular Collar and Aversive Collar.

Regular Collar


  • Flat

Flat type collar is the most common and are the widely used best dog collars. They have a clasp or a snap, on them for closure and a loop to tie leash or any other identification. Flat collars exist in several different colors and textures. There fitting is quite comfortable for your dog’s neck. Collar shouldn’t be tied too tight so that your dog may choke or it shouldn’t be too loose so that it can slip away from his neck. One can also tie dog bandanas over a flat collar

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  • Martingale

This type of collar is, also considered as limited slip collar, specially designed for those dogs that are adept at slipping out their collars. It gets mandatory for many breeds such as Greyhound, Saluki, Afghan Hound to use this collar because of narrow heads. Martingale collar is made up of two different materials both the materials are separated by two rings. The collar has self-adjusting features that secures the dog’s neck to ascertain its space as not to choke the dog.

  • Head Collar

This kind of collar is made keeping in mind a horse’s halter. Here one strap is fitted around the neck of your dog while other strap creates a circle around your dog’s muzzle. These are best suited for strong dogs who like to pull and jump. Because it is tied around your dog’s snout as a substitute to your dog’s neck, he loses the advantage and he won’t be able to pull on the string.

While putting on this collar one must take care that it is properly fitted so that no injury is caused to the dog. Also while using head collar, you shouldn’t yank your dog’s leash. It may also take a lot of time for your dog to get accustomed with head collar, so in the beginning they should be used for short period of time.

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Aversive Collars

Sometimes the aversive collars are used in order to train a difficult dog and some dog owners consider this as the best dog training collars. They inflict a slight degree of physical pain to the dog to teach them what are allowed and not allowed to do. Types of Aversive Collars are listed below:

  • Choke Chain.

The choke chain is made of metal links. They are specially intended to regulate your dog’s behavior by jerking around your dog’s neck. Though they are designed similar to martingale collar although you cannot control the degree to which a choke chain could tighten. It is recommended to avoid use of choke chain, as they can cause injury to your dog.

  • Shock Collars

Shock Collars are the most inhumane of all the collars, as the name suggests they use electric current to shock your dog if he doesn’t behave in the appropriate manner. The electric current might range from a small tickling sensation to a painful shock. Best dog shock collars are those which give only mild shock to the dog, but it is recommended that such collars should not be used. Things to remember when using this type of collar:

    • Remember to remove shock collar after some time, keeping shock collar on for longer time can result in serious injury to your dog.
    • Dog’s neck and the points which touch your dogs neck should be cleaned after every use.

Tips for Buying The Best Dog Training Collars

All the above comparison can help you decide which of the best dog collars should be for your dog. there are also many other types of collars such as bark control collars and fleas and tick control collars available in the market.