A Useful Guide on Dog Hoodies

With the increasing availability of clothing and accessories such as dog shirts, dog shoes and even the popular dog bandanas, you can easily find a variety of dog hoodies in the market for your pet. As pet clothing, it provides dog owners with a way to make their pets fashionable while also protecting them from the elements. Before you decide to purchase one for your pet, it is important to know what this clothing can provide. It is a known fact that there are some varieties that were specifically designed to be visually pleasing than protective, thus it is important to figure out what you actually need. There are certain features that you should check out when choosing a hoodie for your pet.

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Materials Used for the Hoodies

Today, the dog hoodies for small dogs and the large dog hoodies are made out of different materials. It is important that you are familiar with the materials used since each has their own benefits. The cotton knit hoodies are ideal for the fall and spring season since they provide warmth and very flexible. The denim varieties are ideally for fall and spring since they provide warmth and highly durable. Polyester is also used and well-known for its waterproof quality. For the winter, the materials that the hoodies should be made of must be quilted nylon or cotton-filled polyester. Both can effectively provide warmth and waterproof protection for your pet. Other materials such as silk or satin are commonly used for dog fashions and could not provide adequate protection from the elements.

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Washable Hoodies

It is a known fact that some of the clothing for dogs is used for protection against bad weather, thus they will easily get dirty. Dog owners should look for washable dog hoodies that can be cleaned in a washing machine. It is best to opt for stain resistant hoodies so that they can be easily cleaned. You all know how your pet can easily get themselves dirty once they are taken out from their leash. When you don’t have time to regularly wash their hoodies, you can buy them in bulk. That way you have a wide variety of choices and keep your pets fashionable anytime.

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Finding the Right Size

Once you decide to purchase a hoodie for your pet, it is important to determine the size so that it will ensure the right fit. Take note that the sizing is usually based on the average size of various dog breeds. You have to take measurements to ensure that you can find the right size. Start by measuring around the widest part of the dog’s chest using a tape measure. As for the length, you have to measure the length of the dog from its neck up to the middle of the stomach. The sleeve length is obtained by measuring the dog from its shoulder up to its elbow for short-sleeved hoodies or the top of its paws for long-sleeved hoodies. Depending on your preferences, you can even find custom dog hoodies in the market, either in local pet stores or online shops. Some owners would actually wait for their pet’s approval if the chosen clothing fit them perfectly. They make a sound or round around when they like it or they will try to snatch it off with their jaws if they think that they don’t look in it or they don’t feel comfortable.

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Overall, dog owners can find a variety of dog hoodies for their pets in the market right now. Some usually face difficulties in finding the right one due to the choices available. Investing on a hoodie for your pet can provide the best protection from the elements as well as making your pet fashionable.