Things to Consider When Shipping a Dog

Dogs are man’s best friends and in most homes they are family members that will go anywhere with the family, be it vacations or when the family is relocating. This is where services of shipping a dog comes in. there are quite a number of things involved in shipping dogs and it is crucial that the pet owner understand the facts and figures so as to handle the process better. The first thing to consider is the rules and regulation of the country or state the pet is being shipped to. Below are some important things to keep in mind when shipping a pet dog.

How Shipping A Dog Across Country Works


Most countries are concerned with the health of the dog and thus will require that the pet be vaccinated prior to the shipping. It is therefore important that there be vaccinations for rabies and other illnesses prior to shipping a dog overseas. The best way to approach this factor is to check the requirements of the country or state where the dog is to be shipped to and fulfill them in the best way possible and shipping a dog will be a fast and easy process.

Information About Shipping A Dog Overseas

Mode of shipping

There are different modes that can be used for shipping a dog and one of them is shipping a dog by air. Most of the airlines have rules and regulations about pets and they provide a guideline that pet owners are supposed to follow when planning to move their dogs by air. For flights that are less than 7 hours long, there are airlines that allow pets onboard with some allowing the passenger to hold small or lightweight pets. All airlines have different stipulations and the pet owner should find out what the airline they choose to use says about shipping dogs. This is to avoid confusions or any future problem that may occur on the day of the flight itself.

Most major airlines allow dogs in the cargo compartment provided there are special cages for the dog. Some will go as far as providing the cages that will hold the pet the entire flight. The cargo area is pressurized and the temperatures will be controlled to keep the pet warm and comfortable. Small dogs can also be carried onboard as long as they are in special aero-pet carries that are padded on the inside for easy clean and comfort. It is important to understand what offers are made by the airline in relation to shipping pets and what the requirements are.

Transport Shipping A Dog By Air

Ensuring safety and security

Shipping a dog across country is also possible through other means as long as all the safety measures are put in place. The traveling cage should be firm and the door should close tightly to avoid the dog walking out during the journey. The pet should not be heavily fed prior to shipping to reduce bathroom accidents. Collars and dog bandanas can be used during the shipping for easy identification of the pet. This is because there might be many other dogs and chances are high that there will be similar breeds that look alike. If your dog has a special tag or collar, you won’t have any issue with identification and other stuff.

Dog Transport and Shipping

All documentations allowing the process of shipping a dog should be filled and carried around in case any relevant authority requires viewing them. Stickers should be put on the cages top and sides to show that there is a live animal inside. The cages should not be on wheels and if they are, they should be securely taped and the pet owner’s information should also be included on the cage for easy identification once the pet reaches the destination.