The Fun and Colorful Green Bandana

Once upon a time you would not find a green bandana anywhere in the market. As a matter of act, you would not be able to find bandanas being sold in fashion stores. They were to be found only in farmers’ pockets and probably industrial workers used them. The common colors at the time were blue and red. However, they are now available in a wide array of fabrics, sizes, colors and patterns. They are no longer for the pocket used as handkerchiefs. People use them as accessories to emphasize their outfits and even to decorate their homes and pets. These simple square-shaped cloths have numerous uses, some you could not begin to imagine.

Get Dogs Dark Green Bandana

Uses of A Bandana

Bandanas vary in use. There are just so many things you can do with your green bandana. Bandanas have been touted to be the most versatile fabric pieces in the world of fashion. This is all thanks to their large size. One of the most common uses of a bandana is by turning it into a headband. This was a very popular in the 80s and 90s but even now people are doing the same. To make your lime green bandana a headband, all you have to do is fold it to the most appropriate thickness for you and you will be good to go. If you do not want to fold it up too many times, you can just for it once diagonally and tie it on your head.

Leafy Green Bandana

Sun rays can be pretty dangerous especially when it is extremely hot. Your nice green bandana will prove very convenient as a protective cloth when you are out in the heat. Simply wrap it around your forehead to keep the sun’s rays from striking your skin too hard. Bandanas are also used to show your loyalty to particular teams. While it might be quite hard to find bandanas for your favorite football or basketball team, once you get one, simply wrap it around your head and cheer away. It can also be used as a neckerchief, sweat band or even an arm band depending on how you like to do it.

Stylish Neon Green Bandana

Basically the uses of bandanas are just so many. That nice neon green bandana hanging in your closet can be put to thousands of uses:

  • It can be used to accentuate your hair as a hair band
  • You can use it as a bracelet, simply tie it to your wrist (though it might be a really bulky bracelet)
  • Perfect for fashion emergencies like when you are at the beach and you need something to cover your skin lightly
  • They are used as arm bands in sports to wipe their sweat while playing. The most popular sport where it is used is in tennis. It is certain that you can recall a name or two professional tennis players who wears bandana.
  • Bandanas are also used by bikers to cover their faces while on the road. You will see them wearing a black or a dark green bandana when they want to signify a message. But its main functions is to cover their faces when they are wearing a half-face helmet.


Floral Lime Green Bandana

Bandanas for Pets

Making a bandana is a really easy activity. Whether you are making one for yourself or your pet, you will not take more than a couple of hours to come up with something awesome. You can make several dog bandanas from one fabric. A fabric that matches your dog’s coat will work perfectly when making the bandana. All you are left to do now is measure the circumference of your dog’s neck and start sewing.