How to Make Clothes for Dogs

Dogs have been man’s best friend since the very beginning of animal domestication. They provide company and guard premises. They also look cute in clothes. There are numerous pet shops that sell clothes for dogs but you can easily make these clothes if you want to. The task is not difficult at all, not to mention the fact that you will be able to come up with cute and unique clothes that will look great on your dog.

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It can easily be completed in a few hours time especially if you are already aware of that you are going to do. Before you proceed, however, you need to consider the gender of the dog. Female dogs can wear bright patterned clothes but for male dogs, just keeping it simple will do. Typically, you just have to think of what men and women would actually wear just so you won’t have a hard time choosing a specific color or design. Here are the essential steps that you will be required to follow.

Selecting the fabric

When you want to make pet clothes for dogs, consider the size and nature of the dog. If he/she is big, then you’ll be required to get a much larger piece of fabric. Furthermore, you need to ask yourself this question, how playful is the dog? For dogs that are very hyper, go for tougher fabric that will last longer. On the other hand, fabrics such as linen are okay for dogs like Chihuahuas which are generally laid back. A fabric that can easily be washed with cool water in the machine is the best.


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Cutting the fabric

This step can prove to be moderately challenging when making clothes for dogs. In order to get the correct shape, you’ll be required to cut out a template from a different fabric first. You can use an old bed cover for this purpose. Use a tape measure to get the exact size of the dog first. Then, proceed to cut out the shoulder cuffs. After you try the template on the dog and find that it fits okay, cut the same measurements on the fabric. The extra fabric that will remain can be used for making dog bandanas.

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Sewing the fabric

When sewing the fabric, simple stitches will be enough to get the job done. Just remember to sew on the inner side. In case you’re making clothes for small dogs, sew a bit tighter but don’t cut off the extra piece after hemming. You may need to adjust the garment later on so the allowance will enable you to do so. If you want to make the clothes more attractive, you can personalize it with beads or shells.

Dog clothes for large dogs can also present a challenge. Make sure that you leave sufficient space at the neck for the head to pass through. Breeds such as German shepherds and bulldogs normally have larger heads which may not pass through the neck hole. Let the dog try the finished cloth and have him/her walk a bit when in it. It should not cause any discomfort if it fits properly.


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In conclusion

In general, always decide the type of clothes that you prefer because this will simplify the task. Dogs can wear all types of clothes that humans basically wear. For instance, you may prefer a dress, a coat or even a pair of shorts instead of the popular tops that have been discussed above. For these other clothes for dogs, a lot of skill in sewing is required. You can also go for an easier and more convenient option such as buying dog clothes online.